Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sideburn Lake - Overnight Trip Sept 2014

Was feeling a little antsy and figured a quick overnight trip to the bush would cure what ever was ailing me! Grabbed the canoe and some basic gear and my trusty companion Lily and headed off to check out the winter camping area we used last year. It's about an hours drive north of Sudbury on Hwy 144 just south of the Halfway Provincial Park on Sideburn Lake.

I drove in the trail about 3/4 quarters of the way to the lake and then portaged the gear the rest of the way.

wet part of the trail to the lake
A quick paddle and we were there. It was typical early September day, warm and bug free) and Lily was quick to have a swim while I unloaded the canoe. I set up the tent and we wandered around the campsite area from last year's Deep Freeze trip in mid February.

Lily taking a break

The area was in good shape but one of the reasons for the visit was to check out the firewood situation for the upcoming Deep freeze in February 2015. I visited all the various tent locations and stacked any split wood from last year off the ground where it would be dryer and easy to find instead of being on the ground under the snow. In all I piled about 8 piles in between trees and we should be good to go for the first night at least come February!

waiting for February

We enjoyed supper and small fire into the late evening and finally turned in for the night after an extended bout of stargazing. With most of our work done we slept in till almost 7 am!! A leisurely breakfast followed with a paddle around the lake before we packed up and headed home, relaxed, with one of the chores for the upcoming winter camping trip completed. Now, we just need to be patient and wait for February :-) Anyone interested in attending the Deep Freeze camp can find information in forums at Canadian Canoe routes. Deep Freeze February 14-22, 2015.

Looks different without the ice and snow!

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