Thursday, 13 February 2014

Deep Freeze almost here!

Well this year's Deep Freeze camping trip is about to begin! This will be our 13th annual trip and the folks will begin to arrive Friday night for a Saturday morning haul into camp on Sideburn Lk. about an hour's drive north of Sudbury.

Joe and I made a quick trip into the camp last Sunday to set a trail and to brush out the trail through the lowland swale on the route from Hwy 144 into Sideburn Lk. Should make things much easier come Saturday!

1st Lake - swale ahead

Sideburn Lk - camp around the corner
the trail in the swale!

There's lots of room for anyone who wants to come along and have a great time with some good folks. Info above with some updated information on access and parking - Access/Parking Info.

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