Friday, 13 September 2013

Getting Ready!

Haven't been out on a solo trip yet this year, however that will soon change! Picked up my solo boat this morning from storage, purchased a 3 night permit for the Sturgeon River PP and will have my sweetie drop me off this Sunday morning at the Crystal Portage on Matagamasi Lake. I'll head north through Wolf, Chiniguichi, Dougherty, Stouffer Lakes and then use the "Backdoor Route" to Kettle Falls on the Sturgeon R. Then I'll run the river south for a few days to the link at Kelly's Crossing to Maskinonge Lake. I'll use the route through Ozhway, Gamagowong, Gagnon and Gawasi Lakes as the 3.5 km portage using Kelly's Crossing just isn't on for me!!  Once on Maskinonge I'll either head back to the the drop off/pick up point via the Donald Creek/Donald Lake route or north through Rice, Edna and Karl Lks to Matagamasi Lk.

A fall trip, no bugs, low number of paddlers in the area and a full moon next week - what's not to like about that?

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