Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kayaking Lake Temagami - July 2013

It had been a bit of a hectic year so far and we hadn't been able to get out on a canoe or kayak trip yet, what with southern trips, work and life all conspiring against us! Time became available in early July, the dog sitter was booked and we headed out for a few days to kayak the southern end of Lake Temagami.

Although Lk. Temagami has a fair number of camps and lodges etc, they are all situated on the islands and there is a huge amount of shoreline and back bays etc to explore. Being a large lake it can get fairly wind blown quickly, lending itself to exploration with kayaks rather canoes. We packed up our gear, dropped the dog off and 2 hours later we were unloading our gear and packing our kayaks at the central hub of the lake at the end of the mine road south of the village of Temagami. We headed south aiming for the southeast corner of the lake with a quick stop at the trailhead of the High Rock trail for lunch.

Jan - High Rock trailhead dock
We then headed south poking along in the 30+ degree heat, good thing there was a bit of a breeze to help cool us. We eventually reached an nice campsite and set up for the next couple days. The weather was stinking hot and we relaxed in the shade, swam and read books. As it was so hot we decided to just stay in one spot for the duration.

funky skyline

Blue Flag and Cedar

Sid 'yak - Current Designs Solstice GT
Jan 'yak - Current Designs Vision 150
"evening falls"

sunset with moonrise

bug net & chairs - don't leave home without them!

It was a much needed relaxing trip and the beauty of Lake Temagami always refreshes us whenever we explore it's many nooks and crannies along it's pine covered shores. We'll return, as it will take us a long time to explore it all!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Helinox Camp Chair

Purchased a couple of these chairs for canoeing and kayaking trips this past spring. These chairs are definitely a winner. They pack up small, about 12" x 5" x 5" and weigh about 2 lbs! We purchased ours at SAIL when they were on sale ;-) for 20% off list price of $89. Yep, they're expensive but they are about 4-6 lbs lighter than a normal sling type chair not to mention smaller and they get you off the ground at a  comfortable height that still allows you to sit and tend a stove etc at camp.

One problem is soft or wet ground. The feet are quite small and tend to sink into the ground throwing you off balance etc. I purchased some tennis balls, slit them about 1 1/2" and place them over the feet - problem solved and they also fit into the chair's carrying bag :-)

Construction looks to be excellent, I've used mine now for about 3 weeks in the bush and it is showing no signs of wear or failure especially in the area where the sling fits over the poles. Sure feels good to be off the ground and comfortable at the end of a long day of canoeing and portaging!