Monday, 29 April 2013


Felt more like spring this past weekend, actually got up to about 22C yesterday! Ice pretty well gone south of the French with the rivers/creeks flowing to the north. However, still a lot of snow and ice to melt north of Sudbury. MNR ice flights show ice still fairly white and tight to the shorelines. The forecast is more favourable as we head into May with the overnight temps staying in the teens - a real snow and ice remover. Hopefully be out mid month for a loop trip through northwest side of the  Temagami canoe area - Sturgeon - Solace- Pilgrim - Yorston - Solace - Sturgeon. Better get the dehydrator out!

Monday, 15 April 2013


Well, it's been an interesting couple weeks since I last posted. I've been away instructing on the S100 Basic Forest Fire Fighting courses and the weather has been all over the map. The last week was spent in the Ottawa area and we experienced rain, snow, freezing rain - generally it's been a cold wet spring so far. I was watching the ice conditions on the drive home today along Hwy 17 from Ottawa to Sudbury, the creeks and rivers are mostly running but the lakes and ponds are all still covered with white ice and still tight to the shores :-( At this rate we'll be lucky to be on the water by mid May in the Temagami - Sudbury region.  Here's hoping for some temperatures in the high teens or low twenties with some warm rain with lots of sunshine for the next few weeks. We're going to need it to kick start paddling season!