Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Obabika Lake - Temagami

I’m sure that most folks have a few places that seem to get under your skin somehow and the song becomes strong and calls you back again and again. The Temagami canoeing area and the Obabika Lake area in particular is one such area for me. It is a land of clear water, majestic trees and high cliffs. 

The following photos are from various trips and focus mainly on the old growth forest area known as the Wakimika Triangle located on the north end of Obabika Lake. There are a series of hiking trails that one can use to explore the old growth pines and the area has a rich aboriginal history as well. 

Further information on the Temagami area and the old growth area etc can be found at the Temagami section of the Ottertooth wesite - http://www.ottertooth.com/tem_index.htm

There is also a group that is working to help promote, rehabilitate and preserve the recreational experience in the area - http://nastawgan.ca/ 


photos are an amalgamation from several trips to the area

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