Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Deep Freeze 2010 - Nitro Creek

This year saw a total of 33 hardy campers attend the 9th annual Deep Freeze north of Sudbury. It was a milder winter with little snow so the conditions were quite benign overall. The Budd Car was running on time for (or as close to ontime as we've seen it!!) As usual people came and went according to the train schedule with most of the group heading in on Saturday this year and the bulk of the folks leaving on the following Friday and Sunday.

The week was taken up with lots of hiking, ice fishing, socializing and lots of camp chores - wood gathering/splitting, water hauling etc. Next year, 2011, will be the 10th annivesary of this gathering and we plan to head back to the Nitro Creek area again to enjoy another trip with good friends and times. If you're interested, anyone is welcome and you can find information on the trip in the  Winter Camping forum at

Here are a couple links for two YOU Tube video productions from the trip plus a slideshow with photos. Enjoy.

Photos by S. Bredin

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