Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Deep Freeze 2009

February arrived and so did the "Banter Boys", it was time for another winter adventure! A few of us had headed up the tracks the previous October to scout out a location for the annual "Deep Freeze" trip. We decided to head back into the Nitro Creek area north of Cartier along the main CPR rail line. As is our normal operating style we were looking for an area that is large enough to accomodate 30 - 40 folks and usually in the area of 10-12 hot tents and a handfull of cold tenters - a ready source of firewood is the major consideration on these outings!

We had previously used the Nitro Creek watershed in 2005 for a trip and had spent most of our time exploring and fishing the waters north and east of the campsite. This time around we figured to be spending more time to north and west of camp. We found a suitable area in an aged jack pine stand that had a number of dead standing trees for firewood with the creek in close proximity for a source of water. We spent a few hours scoping out tent sites and cutting poles as many of the attendees at deep freeze are using canvas wall tents.

The trip was another successful outing. As is normal, people came and went depending on the train schedule and over the course of the 9 days a total of 39 people attended this years trip. Folks hiked, and did some ice fishing, Bill even caught a few specs - I guess that makes him the "fisherman" and the rest of us "wisherman" but then it is called fishing and not catching!! There was lots of socializing (even a sub zero wine and cheese party!) and Daryl brought along a guitar and several folks entertained around the fire.

The following link will take you to a You Tube production that Georgi put together showing some of the faces places and activities of Deep Freeze '09 at Nitro Creek.

This link will take you to an album of photos with more of the faces, places and activities of DF '09. Phtographers are
SB - S. Bredin, BP - B. Poort, MG - Georgi (M. Graves), DD - D. Doyle, CR - C. Rhodes


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